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Live in Texas: Highwaymen – Live: American Outlaws – 4-29-21

Rolling another two-week event with Live In Texas!

It’s Highwaymen – Live: American Outlaws

Disc 1 on 4/29, Disc 2 on 5/6


AllMusic Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine  [-]

Johnny CashWaylon JenningsWillie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson first performed as the Highwaymen in 1985, after which they became a going concern for the next decade. Hits didn’t often arrive — their 1985 debut reached the top of Billboard’s Country Album charts and its title track achieved the same feat on the singles chart — but they became a reliable concert attraction after the release of Highwayman 2 in 1990. The 2016 archival release of Live: American Outlaws is the first official document of this part of the supergroup’s life, providing the first-ever CD release of the March 14, 1990 show recorded at Nassau Coliseum that was previously released on VHS in 1991 (the video portion has been remastered and released as a DVD in this set), along with a third CD featuring a six-song set from 1992’s Farm Aid V, four songs from 1993’s Farm Aid VI, and a spruced-up outtake of Bob Dylan‘s “One Too Many Mornings,” where Nelson and Kristofferson added new vocal harmonies to a recording from Cash and Jennings‘ 1986 LP Heroes.

Although all three of the concerts here were events by some measure, the Farm Aid gigs were high-profile charity shows, while the Nassau gig was intended for home video release. Considering this, it’s odd how none of the three live dates feel like major events. All are matter-of-fact performances, the four Highwaymen relying on some measure of seasoned chops and personal charm as they trade songs, or perhaps just lines, on a collection of greatest-hits and new tunes they’re plugging. The latter served as an excuse to get the band out on the road and they fade into the woodwork here, overshadowed by a collection of tunes that amount to some of the greatest songs of the 20th century. None of the renditions here are anywhere close to definitive — the Highwaymen wear their age on their sleeves a bit, plus the productions are slick and overblown in a manner standard to big-budget shows of the ’80s and ’90s — but something that would’ve seemed as little more than an enjoyable night out in 1990 now seems like something modestly special. Hearing these four Titans interact on-stage, harmonizing and cracking wise, it’s hard not to marvel at the fact that for a while, JenningsNelsonCash, and Kristofferson actually roamed from town to town, singing their songs along the way. This is a simple document of that time that seems more momentous now that the era has passed.

Track Listing

  1. Mystery Train [1990 Version] – Herman Parker Jr. / Sam Phillips
  2. Highwayman [1990 Version] – Jimmy Webb
  3. Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys – Ed Bruce / Patsy Bruce
  4. Good Hearted Woman – Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson
  5. Trouble Man – Waylon Jennings / Tony Joe White
  6. Amanda – Bob McDill
  7. There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang – Hal Bynum / David Carroll Kirby
  8. Ring of Fire – June Carter Cash / Merle Kilgore
  9. Folsom Prison Blues [1990 Version] – Johnny Cash
  10. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain – Fred Rose
  11. Sunday Morning Coming Down – Kris Kristofferson
  12. Help Me Make It Through the Night – Kris Kristofferson
  13. The Best of All Possible Worlds [1990 Version] – Kris Kristofferson
  14. Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I’ll Ever Do Again) – Kris Kristofferson
  15. City of New Orleans [1990 Version] – Steve Goodman
  16. Always on My Mind – Johnny Christopher / Mark James / Wayne Carson
  17. Me and Bobby McGee – Fred Foster / Kris Kristofferson

Video Preview

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