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Gulf Coast Cowboy: October 28, 2020

Photo courtesy of H. Michael Karshis/flickr

Jerry Jeff Walker WAS country music. He could be downright ornery when you saw him in concert. You scream a song to play and he’d quickly scream back it was his (obscenity) show and he’d play what he wanted you to hear. But the audience would even get louder and prouder as he took you the many musical journeys. We celebrate his life Wednesday, October 28th at 7pm on KBEC and ask you to sit back and just soak it all up one more time. RIP JJW.

Track Listing

  1. Come Away to Belize With Me
  2. What I Like About Texas (w/ Gary P Nunn)
  3. Railroad Lady (w/ Jimmy Buffett)
  4. Barefootin’
  5. Sloop John B
  6. Keep Texas Beautiful
  7. Cowboy Boots & Bathin’ Suits
  8. London Homesick Blues (Live)
  9. Sea Cruise Medley: Sea Cruise, Johnny B. Goode, Peggy Sue
  10. Northeast Texas Women
  11. Up Against the Wall, Red Neck
  12. Mr. Bojangles

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