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GCC: September 23rd, 2020

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Sometimes You Just Need to Think About Time

How much time do you spend reflecting about time? Wasting time is an art form. We can lay in the hammock with the eyes shut. We can sit on the beach with the dark shades and umbrella . We can listen to the radio and drift off into another world. For those of you who take the time to waste time with distinction, clarity and yet limited thought, this play list has been designed for you. Welcome to an hour of thinking about how to best waste more time.

Track Listing

  1. Oceans of Time – Jimmy Buffett
  2. It’s Summertime – Cabana Dogs
  3. Bar Time And Island Time – Sunny Jim White
  4. Time Loves a Hero – (feat. Jimmy Buffett)
  5. Beach Time – J. Michael Laferty
  6. Island Time – Donny Brewer
  7. Five O’Clock Somewhere – Don Middlebrook and Living Soul
  8. Tropical Standard Time – The Boat Drunks
  9. Time Wounds All Heels – Brent Burns
  10. When It’s Beer Drinking Time in Texas – Mack Meadows
  11. It’s About Time – Mark Mulligan
  12. Time to Fly – Eric Stone
  13. Livin’ On Key West Time – Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24

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