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GCC: May 29th, 2019

Photo courtesy of Ken Teegardin

The masterminds of KBEC threw out the suggestion to find “Paradise” in our Gulf Coast Cowboy music. Well, we took them to heart and found a whole bunch of songs on that topic.  We going to take you to Paradise for the one hour a week you give us out of your busy schedule. Tune in and let us take you away…..

Track Listing

  1. Come Down to Paradise – Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef
  2. Paradise – Howard Livingston & Miller Marker 24
  3. Another Day In Paradise – Hugo Duarte
  4. Paradise – Dani Hoy
  5. Beach Separation Anxiety – Alan Reed
  6. The Other Side of the Island – The Bamboozlers
  7. Island Paradise – Mark Merritt & Sievert Ahrend
  8. Another Day in Paradise – Southern Drawl Band
  9. Beach Bitt Therapy – Steve Bowles
  10. Back to Belize – Swim Skinny
  11. Chasing the Sun –  Tim Charron
  12. Surfers Paradis – Adrian Baker

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