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GCC: March 18th, 2020

Photo courtesy of Kevin Owens/Flickr

Where do you go when the world goes Crazy?

The world’s gone crazy with coronavirus fever and all you want to do is escape the madness. Well that’s what we are here for. Let’s figure other places to live with “social distancing” restrictions and coping with all the information inundation. Time to pack up the car and find a serious deserted beach or maybe just escape to the backyard. Come join the much needed break from the “news blues” and join us at 7pm CDT as we figure out “where to go when the world goes crazy?”. Request to jphillips@kbec.com.

Track Listing

  1. Down by the Coastline – Boomer Blake
  2. Need More Bob – Robin Tricker
  3. Heaven’s Out On the Water – Bob Karwin
  4. Malibu Run – The Liverpool Swingers
  5. My Retirement Plan – Mike Broward
  6. People Are Crazy – Billy Currington
  7. Far Side of the World – Jimmy Buffett
  8. Exercise Makes Me Look Good Naked – Brent Burns
  9. Let Me Take You Away – Peyton Monarch Band
  10. Sunset – Roger Bartlett
  11. In The Country – Brandon Rhyder
  12. Tiki Bar In My Backyard – Sam L Rainwater

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