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GCC: July 15th, 2020

Singing on the Beach

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When you try and drown out the ocean waves with your own boom box or maybe your vocal chords you quickly find out it is a losing battle. What we are attempting to conjure up with this playlist is some songs that just make you want to turn the volume WAY up and drowned out the noise. Whatever that noise may be. Find your way into the back yard or maybe the man cave, slip on the Hawaiian shirt, pop the top to a cold adult beverage and join the festivities starting at 7PM CDT Wednesday. Drop us a line at jphillips@kbec.com if you have a request or care to make a comment about the show. Thanks for listening!

Track Listing

  1. Nobody from Nowhere – Jimmy Buffett
  2. Down by the Coastline – Boomer Blake
  3. The Puerto Rico Song – Sean Gasaway
  4. Texas Turns Me On – Sam Masiello
  5. Backyard Tiki Bar – Jeff Ehling
  6. Two Chairs on the Beach – Brian Neale
  7. Suntan City – Like Bryan
  8. Island Song – Ray Boone
  9. I Wanna Be a Coral Reefer – Danny Rosado
  10. Take Me Back to Tybee – Becky Denton
  11. Give Me the Keys – Cabana Dogs
  12. Parrotheads In Cowboy Boots – J. Michael Laferty
  13. Summer Sun – John Frinzi and Aaron Scherz

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