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GCC: January 18th, 2017

Photo courtesy of Kevin Owens/Flickr
Photo courtesy of Kevin Owens/Flickr

What if the sun never went down? No sunrise and no sunset but a whole lotta time to play in the sun. Well that’s our wish for this Gulf Coast Cowboy show, helping you deal with eternal light to get you through the darkest times and the gloomiest of moods. Let’s dream of sunshine all the time…

Track Listing

  1. Back in the Sunshine Again – Jim Morris
  2. One Particular Harbour – Jimmy Buffett
  3. Beach Mountain – Sheree Cade
  4. Sandy Toed Beach Bum Life – Erik Pietsch
  5. Air Sunshine – Jambo Joe Bones
  6. Wagon Wheel Gone Trop Rock – Don Middlebrook
  7. Hurricane Sunset, Tequila Sunrise – Sam Rainwater
  8. Sol Searching – Scott Kirby
  9. Caribbean Sun – Gary James Moeller
  10. Little Summertime – Dennis McCaughey and Tropical Soul
  11. Counting Sunsets – The Caribbean Cowboys

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