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GCC: January 10, 2018

Photo courtesy of Mercedea/Flickr

Our good friend Don Middlebrook is making his way out of the hinterlands of Michigan and coming to Texas. In honor of this escape from the Midwest winter, we are dedicating our entire Gulf Coast Cowboy show to this great Songwriter. We preview his new CD “the Mexico Beach Road Trip”.  Join us Wednesday night at 7pm for this special show.

Track Listing

  1. Mexico Beach – Don Middlebrook & The Pearl Divers
  2. I Wish I Was An Island – Don Middlebrook & The Pearl Divers
  3. Comin Home – Don Middlebrook & The Pearl Divers
  4. Second Summer (Meeting Of The Minds) – Don Middlebrook & The Pearl Divers
  5. Cartwheels – Don Middlebrook & The Pearl Divers
  6. The Legend of Sunny Jim (feat. James Sunny Jim White) – Don Middlebrook
  7. I Stole Jimmy Buffet’s TV Guide – Don Middlebrook & Living Soul
  8. Advice from an Old Sailor – Don Middlebrook & The Pearl Divers
  9. Wagon Wheel Gone Trop Rock – Don Middlebrook
  10. I Make Music Where They Used to Make War (feat. Hank Horton) – Don Middlebrook

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