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GCC: December 12th, 2018

Photo courtesy of Dawn Pennington/Flickr

Time to Celebrate covers some much-needed awards this year on the Gulf Coast Cowboy show. The number 1 new requested music is Rum Drinks and Sandy beaches by Texas Musician Jerry Diaz and Hanna’s Reef. We celebrate the most requested song of the year which is Don Middlebrooks Guitar Island. And to round out the awards show the favorite song to escape to is Jimmy Buffett’s Tin Cup Chalice. We throw in the female artist of the year Brittany Kingery and an interview with Jerry Diaz and Hanna’s Reef at 7:10. So don’t miss this show. 7:00pm Wednesday night

Track Listing

  1. Guitar Island – Don Middlebrook
  2. Backroads of Texas – The Bois d’ Arcs
  3. Rum Drinks & Sandy Beaches – Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef
  4. Tin Cup Chalice – Jimmy Buffet
  5. Wake Up – Craig Jolly
  6. Little Miss Sunshine – Brittany Kingery
  7. Time Wounds All Heels – Brent Burns
  8. Southern Cross – Eric Stone
  9. Where the boat leaves from – Zac Brown and Jimmy Buffett
  10. Show Me the Way to Go Home – Jimmy & The Parrots
  11. Please Come to Boston – Jackopierce
  12. Keys to the Sea Ray –  Isabella Stefania

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