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GCC: August 23, 2017

Photo courtesy of Liam Moloney/flickr


We explore the week through the eyes of the Dazed and confused. Those lost free spirits who are always trying to find their way. Not sure where that way will take them, they search the beaches, bars, roads and Honky tonks looking for purpose. Well, what better place to forget about purpose and just enjoy the day than right here during the Gulf Coast Cowboy show. Tune in Wednesday at 7 PM CDT as we explore the enjoyment of getting in the “Daze”.
Track Listing
  1. GPS to Nowhere – Sand Dollar Rodeo
  2. Knee Deep (feat. Jimmy Buffet) – Zack Brown Band
  3. Hey Margarita – A1A
  4. I Wanna Touch The Sun – Sonny Russell & The Tropics
  5. It’s Five O’clock Somewhere (with Jimmy Buffett) – Alan Jackson
  6. Tiki Bar In My Backyard – Sam L Rainwater
  7. Party On the island – Ron Bell
  8. Fools, Drunks, and Children – PHINS
  9. Island Party – Pete Harris
  10. Parrot Head Holiday – Parrot Island Band
  11. Margaritas and Moonshine – Mike Brown
  12. Rum Is a Many Blendered Thing – The Coconut Boat Band

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