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GCC: August 11, 2021

Photo courtesy of cloud.shepherd/Flickr

We all know the guy who can never get rattled. Always under control. Never angry. In control even in the middle of a hurricane. Well the rest of us need to find that sense of chill. Music tends to by our go to for creating Chill here on the Gulf Coast Cowboy show. So the playlist was created to help get you in that mindless chill state of mind. Come celebrate the chill space!

Track Listing

  1. Pontoon – Little Big Town
  2. Schooner Wharf Bar Dog – Cindy Walsh
  3. Deep Down Chillin’ – Jackson L Turner
  4. License to Chill – Jimmy Buffett & Kenny Chesney
  5. Beach Chillin’ – Dave Burks & Jus4Fun Band
  6. Island Time – Larry Joe Taylor
  7. Cowboy Boots & Bathin’ Suits – Jerry Jeff Walker
  8. Live a Little, Get Wet a Lot – Living Soul and the Pearl Divers
  9. When the Sun Goes Down – Kenny Chesney (feat Uncle Cracker)
  10. Sail On – Don Middlebrook
  11. Parrot Heads, Together We Fly – Jimi Pappas
  12. Jesus Love You – Mark Mulligan

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