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GCC: Aug 29, 2018

Photo courtesy of Adrian Gonzales/Flickr

It rises every day even if we sit in bed until noon. It burns a hole in our eyes if we stare at too long. The big ball that this planet orbits around marks birthdays, years and time spent on mother Earth. We are celebrating the Sunshine during the Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour to enlighten you on how it affects our daily life, mood and even view of each other. Join the journey as we play our favorite Sunshine Songs…

Track Listing

  1. Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen – Sun Tan
  2. Air Sunshine  – Jambo Joe Bones
  3. Back In The Sunshine Again – Jim Morris
  4. The Boys of Summer – Don Henley
  5. Walking On Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves
  6. Guitars and Tiki Bars – Kenny Chesney
  7. This Is the Summer – Mack Meadows
  8. Chasing the Sun – Tim Charron
  9. Sunshine State of Mind  – Randy More
  10. Nothin’ but Sun –  Jake and The Conched Band
  11.  Carribean Sunset – Brian King
  12. Shoveling Sunshine – Coconut Radio

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