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Lighthouse for Learning Registration Under Way

The opportunity to learn through the Waxahachie Lighthouse for Learning Community Education Program is here again. Registration has begun and classes start Monday, February 24th . The classes listed below begin in February/early March. On-line learning is also available.  Please contact the WISD Community Education Office at (972) 923-4614 or for more information and to register.  To view the complete catalog and register on-line go to

Make plans to join a class and continue Lifelong Learning – close to home!



Facebook 101 for Small Business Owners

In this class you will learn the basics of Facebook and how to increase customer engagement with your business through the social media platform.  Learn how to utilize social media to do promotions to increase sales and social media subscribers. You will learn how to interact Facebook and Instagram.

Instructor: Jennifer Hamby

Monday, Feb. 24


Cost: $18.00


Instagram 101 for Small Business Owners

Join this class and you will learn the basics of Instagram and how to increase customer engagement with your business through the social media platform.  Learn how to utilize social media to do promotions to increase sales and social media subscribers. You will learn how to interact Instagram and Facebook.

Instructor:  Jennifer Hamby

Monday March 2


Cost:  $18.00

Introduction to 3D Printing

Have you wondered what 3D printing is all about?  What would you use a 3D printer to do?  What are the different types of 3D printers?  In this class we will discuss the answers to these questions and more. We will cover things to think about before buying a 3D printer and places to get designs to print (most are free).  We will outline the process you need to follow to print things and touch on the variety of materials used (filaments, filaments, filaments). We will also look at some of the software tools needed to produce unique pieces.

Instructor: Randy Ahlfinger

Monday, March 2


Cost:  $18.00

Financial Literacy

Join this class and gain knowledge to make informed decisions with your financial resources.  You will learn from a team of experts about college planning, taxes, credit/debt/ home buying, retirement/insurance. A new topic will be covered each night of class.

Instructors:  Ryan Kahlden/Matt Authier

Mondays 6:00-7:00

Feb. 24 – March 23  four classes

No Cost

Conversational Spanish I

Would you like to learn the basics of Spanish to communicate in the workplace?  Do you have a trip planned?  Are your children learning Spanish in school?  This course is for adults who have no previous conversational knowledge of Spanish- or who have not had Spanish -language training in many years. Join this class and you will learn to engage in conversational Spanish as you build your language skills.

Instructor: Rosa Robles

Mondays   6:30 – 8:00

Feb. 24 – April 20   eight classes

Cost:  $72.00 + recommended workbook purchased by first class

Spanish II

In this class you will review conversational vocabulary and focus on conjugating to make conversations more detailed.  Join this class and take your Spanish vocabulary to the next level!

Instructor:  Rosa Robles

Thursdays 6:30- 8:00

Feb. 27 – April 23   eight classes

Cost:  $72.00 + recommended workbook purchased by first class

Introduction to Public Speaking

Join this introductory class on Public Speaking and learn tips and tricks on communicating effectively in front of small group and large group audiences. You will develop skills to help reduce nerves, organize information, gain confidence, and improve your presence in the public speaking setting. Your very knowledgeable instructor will break down public speaking into basic forms and showcase modern applications and best practices for pubic address on various social topics in persuasion and information. Students will learn to give a speech and how to constructively assess and provide feedback to others.  You will practice, receive encouragement, and have fun. If you are thinking I can’t –YES, you can. This course is for you!

Instructor:  Phillip Morgan, M.A. – WISD Director of Fine Arts

Mon. & Thurs.   6:00-8:00

Feb. 24, 27, March 2, 5  four classes

Cost:  $48.00

Oh The Places You Can Go!

Join this experienced traveler as you make plans for your next trip!  There are so many places to go and so little time and money. We will discuss how to decide where you want to go, when to go, and how to get there. Learn tricks and apps to plan transportation, things to do, places to stay, and where to eat.

Instructor: Candace Ahlfinger

Monday 6:00-7:30

March 2

Cost: $16.00

Friends & Family CPR

Friends and Family CPR/ AED is a classroom, video-based, instructor-led course that teaches adult CPR and AED use, as well as how to relieve choking on an adult, child and infant.  Upon successful completion, the participant would be issued a HeartSaver CPR/AED completion card.

Instructor: Kris Rencher

Monday 6:00-8:00

Feb. 24

Cost: $45.00


Beginner’s Guitar

Learn the fundamentals of the guitar including playing chords and reading music. Please bring a quality guitar (acoustic preferred but not required), guitar picks, spiral notebook and pencil as you learn. Come join us for this fun beginner’s class as you also learn tuning, strumming and some basic study techniques to continue with once the course is over. You can develop a skill that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. If you have a new guitar or need a refresher course, come join us! Ages 10 and above.

Instructor:  David Young, guitarist & songwriter over 30 years

Thursdays  6:00-7:00

Feb. 27– April 2   five classes

Cost:  $35.00

Beginner’s Quilting

Have you wanted to learn how to quilt? Beginners will learn in three classes. Please bring your sewing machine, ironing pad, iron, pins, scissors, neutral thread. Pre-packaged kits will have everything you need to complete small beginner’s quilt, purchase from instructor $25.00. Registration deadline Feb. 24th.

Instructor:  Sherrie Fogg

Mondays   6:00-8:00

March 2 – 23   three classes

Cost: $32.00 + supply fee

Basics of Brush Pen Calligraphy

Join this class and learn the basics of hand-lettering.  We will review basic strokes, how to create thick and thin lines with your pen and you will learn tips and tricks for keeping lines straight and letters even. You will practice letters, words, quotes. Workbook & Pen Included in cost.

Instructor:  Sara Clements

Monday    6:00 – 8:00

Feb. 24

Cost:  $42.00 includes supplies


Kids in the Kitchen Cherries Jubilee–Ages 5-12

We all know the story of George Washington and the cherry tree so we will honor our #1 President with food and drink made from George’s favorite fruit…….cherries!!

The class will be taught in the WHS Culinary Arts Room.

Instructor:  Kathy Parker

Monday Feb. 24

6:00 -7:00

Cost: $32.00

Cooking – Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

In this fast-paced world we are constantly trying to find ways to save time in the kitchen and still prevent growing waistlines. The electric pressure cooker is the answer to our cry for ‘help’ by making it possible to create nutritious flavor-packed meals in minutes. Like many others, you may have questions about the electric pressure cooker: “Is it safe?”, “How do I use it?”, “Is it really worth the money?” Electric Pressure Cookers are among the newest lines of kitchen appliances. But, what are they, how do they work, what foods can you cook in one, and are they really safe? We will answer these questions and more as we explore the ins and outs of “instacooking” through this hands on learning class. Healthy taste testing included!

Instructor: Liz Espie, Ellis County Extension Agent- Family & Community Health

Thursday   6:00 – 8:00

Feb. 27

Cost:  $18.00

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

With the cost of food going up, many of us are looking for ways to save money on groceries. Planning meals in advance, comparing prices, and shopping with a list are helpful tools. Additionally, most consumers believe that healthy foods are too expensive and purchasing them will not fit into their food budgets. This class will highlight tools the everyday consumer can use to save at the store and prepare healthy meals.

Instructor:  Liz Espie, Ellis County Extension Agent- Family & Community Health

Thursday March 5


Cost:  $18.00