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About KBEC

Richard and Faye Tuck founded KBEC 1390 AM on June 26, 1955 in Waxahachie, Texas. Their mission was to provide a hometown radio station featuring local content that both informed and entertained greater Ellis County.

The station call leaders stand for KEEP BUILDING ELLIS COUNTY……
we now are focused to Keep Building Each Community.




On July 15, 2011, Jeanne Mosley and Sandra Howell turned over ownership to another Waxahachie family: Jim and Ann Eklund Phillips. KBEC 1390 AM continues the tradition of being one of the few independent Texas radio stations serving Ellis, Johnson, Kaufman, Navarro and Hill counties. What comes next? Stay tuned!

j phillips at the controls


Richard and Faye Tuck’s daughters, Jeanne Mosley and Sandra Howell, have managed KBEC during the past decade and in the process made it the longest family-owned radio station in Texas. They added their own page of history with special community programs and human interest stories. Under Jeanne’s leadership, the station continued to respond to the community’s needs with a sense of fun and love of Ellis County.


That commitment to the community took a giant step 1980 ken robertsforward in 1980 with the addition Ken Roberts. Ken combined his natural talents with a love of hometown sports to become the official “Voice of Waxahachie Baseball”. In 1988, his action-packed play-by-play commentary was equally enjoyed by local football and basketball fans. His broadcast reporting achievements include recognition from: Texas UIL, the Metroplex Country Music Association, the Waxahachie City Council, the Waxahachie Indian Booster Club, Waxahachie Independent School District, and the YMCA Board of Management. As big a part of the station’s history, Ken is also a big part of its future. Today, Ken anchors KBEC’s diverse programming and broadcast staff as General Manager/VP.

General Manager/VP, Ken Roberts “The Voice of KBEC
General Manager/VP, Ken Roberts “The Voice of KBEC

SOUNDS OF THE 50’s, 60’s & 70’s

Through the years, KBEC has been fortunate to have the talents of many broadcasters that brought a big sound to a small market radio station. They gave us our vibrant roots that live on with us today.Distinguished alumni, Bill Ward and John Borders both began their fledgling careers with KBEC in the 1950’s. Bill Ward was attending Italy High School, and John Borders was a Waxahachie High School student when they first sweet-talked a microphone.After KBEC, they earned their place among radio’s most prominent corporations.

john borders bill ward

(Bill Ward, John Borders – home grown talents)

Bill Ward was President of Golden West Broadcasters (Gene Autry’s radio empire from 1982 to 1997. Previously, he was President of Metromedia Radio in New York commandeering 13 radio stations. Earlier, he was General Manager of KLAC, Los Angeles –the most successful Country Music Station of the times with top awards from the Academy of Country Music from 1972 to 1979. Bill retired to California where he died in 2004.

John Borders left KBEC to attend Baylor University then continue his broadcasting career in Waco and Norman, Oklahoma. Currently he is President and CEO of Sunburst Media, a group of 20 radio stations that operates in Texas and Missouri. He resides in Dallas and was named in 1999 by his former classmates as “Who’s Who” of WHS.

Other broadcasting professionals left their positive mark on KBEC.Dub Estes served 25 years and hosted the original and ever popular “Flea Market” program. Carroll Todd was contributing news reporter and salesman during 1975-85. And T.K. Wheeler added to the station’s advertiser list from 1985 to 1995 as sales manager. The announcing and reporting skills of: Morgan Choate, Catherine Crandall, Roger Creech, Mike Crow, Victor Donovan, Bob Easley, Les Harris, Vicki Harris, Doug Harrison, Chris Huff, Gene Kelly, Pat McDonald, Sam Meyers, Jim Newton, Mark Pannill, Harold Patton, Ranger Rita, Rex Reese, Jeremy Robinson, Mike Turner, Jerry West and Wes Wilson all created the personality of KBEC and its dedication to its audience.

The KBEC Sign and Car from July 15, 2011 through July 14, 2018