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Top 50 Trop Rock Songs

  1. Margaritaville – Jimmy BuffettLost verse must be included.
  2. Toes – Zac Brown Band2008 put Zac and his mates on the map. Hit #1 on country charts in 2009, was #29 at year’s end.
  3. Living the Life Jimmy Buffett Wrote About – Brent BurnsReleased in 1999. Witty, classic and oh so true.
  4. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem – Kenny ChesneyReleased in 2003, written by Casey Beathard
  5. Key Largo – Bertie HigginsOne hit wonder from the 80s, but tune sticks in your brain.
  6. The Banana Boat Song – Harry BelafonteReleased in 1956 and was the first LP to sell 1 million copies in a year.
  7. Boat In Belize – Kelly McGuireAlbum and song of the year in 2008 by Texas Music Association
  8. The Surfer Girl – “Sunny” Jim White2010 release that represents the greatness of his songwriting.
  9. Barefoot’n – Jerry Jeff WalkerThe Texas troubadour crones about the finer apparel in life. Who cares if it never charted? We love it!
  10. Sand In Her Shoe – Thom ShepherdSince first hearing Thom at the Sixstring Music Fest in New Orleans during our 2007 journey, we knew he had the sound.
  11. Magic Chair – John Reno & the Half-Fast CreekersThe album cover alone is worth kicking back to.
  12. I Stole Jimmy Buffett’s TV Guide – Don Middlebrook & Living SoulA band from Western Michigan makes our list. A long way from Holland, MI.
  13. Coulda Woulda Shoulda – Greezy Joe & the Cheap and Easy BandNever look back and forget the daily grind.
  14. Son of a Son of a Sailor – Jimmy Buffett & the Coral Reefer BandMust have Nadir Shakoor’s solo to make this song resonate in every man’s soul (or other body parts).
  15. Rita’s Going Wild – John FridayEvery guy’s dream, finding the girl who wants to escape.
  16. Beachcombin’ – KB Moore & Greg ‘Fingers’ Taylor2007 release that still gets ready for the surf and sun days!
  17. Senoritas and Margaritas – Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum BandWhat’s not to like about this combo (the band) and yes, the drink and lady.
  18. Life on the Gulf – Jake and the Half Conched BandWe debated “Parrot Bay” or this one, guess we ran out of rum and woke up with this one on the list.
  19. Hang with Jimmy Buffett – Allen ToussaintJust try and stop dancing. We dare you.
  20. Carribean Cowboy – Gene MitchellKeep “Jamaican Me Crazy”, we’ll take this one to the party and have everyone asking “Who is this?” Plus we give him ten point for the unique album title (Sail-ebration)
  21. Let’s Talk Dirty In Hawaii – Jim MorrisAdmit it, you have the t-shirt and tried the line at the Tiki bar.
  22. Conch Republic Song – Michael McCloudSchooner Wharf, Key West. A must see…
  23. Songs You Know By Heart – PHINSA collection of misbehavin’ and a catchy riff makes this unforgettable.
  24. Key Lime Limbo (to a little Sunny Jimbo) – Rob MehlSome fine steel drum and the party gets started in a laid back style!
  25. Living On Key West Time – Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24The only way to tell time. Yes, we know others rank it tops, we just have our own voting style.
  26. Sandy Beaches – Delbert McClintonAn unmistakeable vocal rendition that will leave you looking for a rainbow and a woman as you walk down the next beach in life.
  27. Southern Cross – Eric StoneWhile CSNY will always be #1, Eric’s unique stripped down version inspires to sail the world over.
  28. Tropical Girl – Hanna’s Reef with Jerry DiazWe gotta show some love to our Texas Tropical sand roots. Who better to support the sand movement than Jerry and the Boys?
  29. Living Key West – Loren DavidsonHoward Livingston’s influence is evident here, but those of us on the mainland get it too. We’re jealous, Key West!
  30. Callin’ In Gone – Jim HoehnA 2009 classic, the judges argued and eventually the boss won. We all like “Bad Day at the Beach” , but hey, he signs the paychecks.
  31. I Lobster but Never Flounder – John Reno and the Half-Fast CreekersThe lyrics alone make this a top song for explaining loves many twists and turns. A trop rock love song if there wasn’t already one.
  32. Why Don’t You Meet Me Down In Corpus – Gary P NunnThe horns and accordian alone make this worth listening to, but Gary P. getting us to the beach is what it’s still all about.
  33. Hammock Built For 2 – Donny BrewerWe always vote for “drifting away to the ocean” songs, this one’s got us swaying to the music.
  34. Too Much Wishing, Not Enough Fishing – Mark MulliganThis Mexican troubadour had so many great songs, we might do a list of just his and Brent Burns’ greatest songs, but this one tops our list.
  35. Our Own Adventure – Nicky FabbzThe tropics version of John Mayer, great steel drum on this island adventure..
  36. Rum Is a Many Blendered Thing – The Coconut Boat BandYes, we’re influenced by the adult beverage, yes we can listen to the song sober and… (don’t tell the wives we came home late).
  37. Drill Baby, Drill – Jack MoselyWe normally avoid politics, but hey, this guy nailed it.
  38. Heaven’s Out on the Water – Bob KarwinStripped down acoustic always ranks high, this one’s got some great hooks and gets us to the ocean breeze.
  39. If Jimmy Buffett Ran the World – Leo DeanAt least somebody knows who we need to run the USA!
  40. Mexico (Things Never Change When You Are There) – Gary SeilerTejano meets Tex-Mex mixed with some trop rock and the blender spits this song out.
  41. Third Coast – Larry Joe TaylorA songwriter’s song if there ever was one.
  42. Please Don’t Think – The Barefoot ManOk, guys listen to it in the garage, but admit it, you’ve thought about it every time you’re on the boat.
  43. This Ain’t Duval Street – The Boat DrunksSo we can’t all get drunk in Key West every weekend, but we’d like to try, wouldn’t we?
  44. It’s 5 ‘o’ Clock Somewhere – Alan Jackson & Jimmy BuffettIf we left this off, you’d all shoot us and think this list was totally made up of our favorites only. Even we appease the listeners every once in awhile.
  45. Laid-Back and Key Wasted – Jim Morris & The Big Bamboo BandBeen there, sold the t-shirt and still remembered to love “excess in moderation” (our salute to greenparrot.com)
  46. Thursday Afternoon at the Conch House Lounge – Jim MorrisNo, this isn’t a Morris love fest, we just like this songwriter’s style and this speaks to our love of the Conch House and skinny dipping.
  47. There Ain’t No Kokomo – The Island Fever BandQuirky, irrelevant and yet so artistically on point.
  48. If I Had a Boat – Lyle LovettTexas Sand at its best, the gulf of Texas (they got the name wrong on the map).
  49. Blame it on New Orleans – Mac MacAnallySo, a little bluesy, a little jazzy but a lot on point!
  50. My Retirement Plan – Mike BrowardThis one’s a little too close to the bosses reality. Oh well, just know we all like this type of planning.
  51. Tin Cup Chalice – Jimmy Buffett & the Coral Reefer BandYou didn’t think we could stop at 50 did you? We couldn’t think of any other way to get Randy Newmann and Ry Cooder mentioned on this list!