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Waxahachie Indians Live Broadcast

This Thursday, in place of the Live In Texas show, we will be live broadcasting the Waxahachie Indians vs the Red Oak Hawks at 7pm. Live In Texas will return next week!


Gulf Coast Cowboy: April 16

Texas is a big state. Not only do we have a host of great country music musicians, but we've also got a ton of talented trop-rockers out there, too. This great state is a haven of people trying to get to the beach and enjoy the sun. With hundreds of miles of coastline on the Gulf Of Mexico, there's always a good time to be had down south. With Galveston and South Padre being bona-fide destinations for beach-goers, trop-rockers have plenty to sing about. This episode is dedicated to all of the Texan singer & songwriters who are trying to get to the beach just as much as we are. Join us on Wednesday, April 16 at 7pm to hear some great songs written by Texan inhabitants.

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Tanya Tucker: Live at Billy Bob's

Tanya Tucker's Live at Billy Bob's Texas is another in the series featuring various country music artists performing at Billy Bob's nightclub in Fort Worth, Texas, the club that promotes itself as "The World's Largest Honky Tonk." In Tucker's long career this is only the second live album that she has released. All of the sixteen tracks are live versions of some of the better known tunes in her career, ranging from her first hit, "Delta Dawn," in 1972 to "Hangin' In" in 1994. Tune in Thursday, April 10 at 7pm to hear the entire record!

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Featured Artist Friday: April 11

Hey guys and gals! It's the Featured Artist Friday! As usual, I've got 3 songs up for inclusion in our rotation. Visit us on our Facebook page and let us know what you think!

1. Something I Wrote – Cody Riley Band
2. As Good As it Gets – Aaron Kothman
3. Texas One More Time – Tommy Alverson




Gulf Coast Cowboy: April 9

We get asked a lot about the Father of Trop Rock, Jimmy Buffett. Most of the time, I get asked which Jimmy song is my favorite. That's hard to do considering he's released 27 studio albums. So we're dedicating this show to some of our favorites song in his discography. You may be surprised at what you hear. Tune in this Wednesday at 7pm to hear some of the best Jimmy songs!


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