Jim Morris: A Biography

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Jim Morris grew up in Georgia, learning to play the guitar by listening to old Hank Williams, Sr., tunes on the radio.

Although he dreamed of the day he could play music full-time for a living, he went to college and settled for a corporate gig in human resources.  He never gave up on the dream, though, and continued playing small concerts on the side wherever he lived, whether it was Montana, New Orleans, or St. Simons Island.  After 15 years of the suit-and-tie life, he took a chance and started doing what he wanted to from the very beginning - playing music as a career in southwest Florida.  In 1996, he released his first album, Laid Back and Key Wasted.  Morris's style of music explores the sounds of the surf, but also features a little jazz and a little country.  His second album, Bocanuts, was released in 1997 and expanded on the themes of his earlier work.

It was at this point that Morris decided to release a CD every year.  Although he has skipped one or two years along the way, if you include his live albums he has in fact made on average over an album a year.  He now tours with his Big Bamboo Band across the country, although Florida is still his home.  His most current release, On the Road Too Long, came out in 2011.  He still writes about the things he finds fascinating, such as the characters he's met over the years and the experiences that have crossed his path.  He maintains that his songs are all mostly true, although how true is up to the listener to figure out.  You can find out more about Jim Morris here at his website.


1996: Laid Back and Key Wasted

1997: Bocanuts

1999: Looking for a Place to Happen

2000: Bar Stools and Beach Chairs

2001: Some Nights You Never Go Home

2001: Live Bait

2002: The Floating Opera

2002: Seafood Platter

2003: Freaky Tiki Faces

2003: Trolling For Mermaids

2004: Land of No Mondays

2004: Live at Octoberfish

2005: Pretend You're In Tahiti

2005: Water Lines

2007: Another Day At the Office

2008: One Man Party

2009: Here Today, Fiji Tomorrow

2010: Working Hard to Do Nothing

2011: On the Road Too Long