Gulf Coast Cowboy: August 6

Welcome back to the Gulf Coast Cowboy! This week we've got a "Best Of" show put on by the guys in the station. It's a good start to introduce your friends to Trop Rock since these are some of the best out there. Don't forget to visit and vote for KBEC as your favorite radio station! Join us on Wednesday, August 6, at 7pm for your weekly dose of the beach. For this week's show, grab a friend, a cold one and a beach chair so you can listen in style!

Track Listing


1. On The Coast Of Somewhere Beautiful - Kenny Chesney

2. Blame It On Buffett - Kelly McGuire

3. Knee Deep - Zac Brown Band (featuring Jimmy Buffett)

4. Long Way To Mexico - Roger Creager

5. If I Had A Boat - Lyle Lovett

6. I Stole Jimmy Buffett's TV Guide - Don Middlebrook & Living Soul

7. Livin' On Key West Time - Howard Livington & Mile Marker 24

8. Sand In Her Shoes - Thom Shepherd

9. Son of A Son of A Sailor - Jimmy Buffett

10. You're My Jamaica - Charley Pride

11. Una Mas Cerveza - Tommy Alverson -

12. Cowboy Boots and Bathing Suits - Jerry Jeff Walker

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