Gulf Coast Cowboy: November 20

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Welcome back to the Gulf Coast Cowboy! Are you gearing up for the holidays? We are! I'd give just about anything to be in Key West for Thanksgiving. I just checked the temperature out there and it's supposed to be in the 80s all week. Perfect beach weather.


On to the music!

1. Key West Address - James Slater

2. If I Had a Boat - Lyle Lovett

3. Here Comes the Sun - Richie Havens

4. Three Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty Nights Ago - Jim Asbell

5. Girl With a Fishing Rod - Kelly Parkes

6. Raise My Glass to the Upper 48 - Key West Chris

7. Any Way the Wind Blows - Latitude

8. Lone Star State of Mind - Nanci Griffith

9. On a Beach in Mexico - Jerry Diaz & Hanna's Reef

10. Floribama - Mike Broward

11. Bama Breeze - Jimmy Buffett

12. Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian - Jonathan Edwards


Hey Trop-Rockers! Thanks for joining us for another show! I'm starting this show off with something I wish I had. "Key West Address" by James Slater starts us off! Number 2 is actually #48 on our Top 50 Trop Rock songs list. "If I Had a Boat" by Lyle Lovett, followed by "Here Comes the Sun" by Richie Havens. Up next is a long way to say 10 years, "Three Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty Nights Ago" by Jim Asbell. Kelly Parkes is up next with "Girl With a Fishing Rod", followed by Key West Chris with "Raise My Glass to the Upper 48". Up next is a 5 time Trop Rock Music Association's Duo of the Year, Latitude, with "Any Way the Wind Blows". Nanci Griffith follows them with "Lone Star State of Mind". A band who makes regular appearances on this show, Jerry Diaz & Hanna's Reef is up next with "On a Beach in Mexico". Rounding out the show, we've got Mike Broward with "Floribama", the immutable Jimmy Buffett with "Bama Breeze", and "Let's Talk Dirty in Heaven" by Jonathan Edwards.

This years Trop Rock Music Association Awards have been announced, go have a look! Do you feel that KBEC's Gulf Coast Cowboy should be recognized? We do too. Let's get KBEC nominated next year for the awards!

Just a bit of housekeeping before we sign off! There will not be a Gulf Coast Cowboy show next week, November 27th. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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