Gulf Coast Cowboy May 8th

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It's a Free For All at Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour!

  1. Nobody From Nowhere / Jimmy Buffett
  2. Where the Gulf Meets The Ocean / John Frinzi
  3. Ringy Dingy Ding / Jerry Diaz and Hanna’s Reef
  4. Journey Around the Sun / Mark Mulligan
  5. Senoritas and Margaritas / Johnny Russler and the Beach Bum Band
  6. Sailing Away from the Madness / Kelly McGuire
  7. Skeletons on the Beach / James “Sunny Jim” White
  8. Matagorda / Larry Joe Taylor
  9. Hot Tub Junkie (w/Dennie Middleton) / Don Middlebrook
  10. I Lobster but I Never Flounder / John Reno and the Half-Fast Creekers
  11. Everybody wants to be Jimmy Buffett / Eric Stone
  12. What Were We Thinkin’, What Were We Drinkin’ / Jimmy and the Parrots
  13. Love and Luck / Jimmy Buffet



Hello and welcome back everyone! Your mid week vacation is back! Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour is here, bringing you the music and the feeling of our beautiful Texas Gulf Coast! So come on down, grab a drink, grab a chair and get relaxed with us! This week we have a collection of Texas Music songs from the best beach goers of the day, so pick one you like and let it take you away!

We start off with the return of the original islander, Jimmy Buffett and his song "Nobody From Nowhere". You don’t have to be somebody to be somebody or in this case nobody. John Frinzi, who also makes a muse of the beach, comes up next with his song "Where the Gulf Meets the Ocean". Jerry Diaz reminds us why we need a vacation with "Ringy Dingy Ding". Mark Mulligan doesn’t sing the blues with “Journey Around the Sun”.

Johnny Russler and the Beach Bum Band crash the party with "Senoritas & Margaritas", and are followed by our very own Kelly McGuire from Houston, Texas. Kelly recently received an Album of the Year award from the Texas Music Awards as well as nominations for Entertainer of the Year & Producer of the Year. He sings "Sailing Away from the Madness". Eight time "Trop Rock Music Award" winner James "Sunny Jim" White spent part of his adolescence on the Texas Gulf Coast in Corpus Christi, which sparked in him a love for the beach, surf music and the mystery of the eternal sea, which he exemplifies in “Skeletons on the Beach”.



Larry Joe Taylor picks up on the Texas coast vibe and plays for us "Matagorda" and John Reno and the Half-Fast Creekers stop by with their play on words "I Lobster but I Never Founder”. Eric Stone makes a return appearance with “Everybody wants to be Jimmy Buffett”. Well that’s true. Jimmy and the Parrots show up to the party with "What Were We Thinkin’, What Were We Drinkin’" and we end this hour with the man everybody loves: Jimmy Buffett and his "Love and Luck".

If you'd like to make a request or have any suggestions for artist please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thanks for tuning in with us, hoping to see you all next week!