Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour: April 17th, 2013

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Day out on the Beach

  1. Keep Texas Beautiful / Jerry Jeff Walker
  2. Chicken Fried / Zac Brown Band
  3. Let It.. Slip Away / Jimi Pappas
  4. I Need a Beach / Joe Bennett
  5. Why Don't You Meet Me Down In Corpus / Gary P. Nunn
  6. The South Coast of Texas / Guy Clark
  7. You and Me on a Beach Towel / Cooper Wade
  8. Tropics of Texas / Dennis Davis
  9. Long Time No Sea / Kelly McGuire
  10. Livingston's Gone to Texas / Jimmy Buffett
  11. Parrotheads In Cowboy Boots / J. Micheal Laferty
  12. Sandy Beaches / The Calypso Nuts
  13. Across the Gulf  / Bill Dossey

It feels like it's been a long week with all the sadness we've experienced. All we can hope for is a better tomorrow, and KBEC 1390 will do our best to deliver an hour of what is good about this world. This week it's all about getting away to that day on the beach.

Let's all remember where we are. The great big, beautifulTexas! Everybody knows this is where the real stuff is at. With that in mind,  take Jerry Jeff Walker's song to heart and "Keep Texas Beautiful". You know what else is great though? Food. What's a Texas classic? Your answer had better have been "Chicken Fried" or the Zac Brown Band might need a few words with you.  So where do you find yourself? You are in an amazing place, great food and now in need of a getaway. Jimi Pappas would tell you to "Let It .. Slip Away:. However, I'm more Joe Bennett prone, and Joe Bennett lays it out for you so all you need is to fiercely repeat: "I Need a Beach." See? Decision made!

For those of you that are stuck in one place remember, music is interactive and the best part of this is that l these next artists have some awesome places they want you to see! For starters there's Gary P. Nunn who says "Why Don't You Meet Me Down In Corpus", while Guy Clark will insist you check out "The South Coast of Texas". But lo! Cooper Wade makes a request that makes you want to drop everything and run! How about "You and Me on a Beach Towel?" Well, that's something to think about!

Everybody knows that you can't predict Texas weather right? Dennis Dave speaks the truth when he sings about the "Tropics of Texas". Kelly McGuire vocals up with "Long Time No Sea".... no pun intended. Of course, because the man couldn't resist, Jimmy Buffett graces the stage with "Livingston's Gone to Texas".

"Parrotheads In Cowboy Boots" by J. Micheal Laferty is up next. I don't know what else you need to catch your attention, he basically says it all! The Calypso Nuts bring out the essence of the beach with their next song: "Sandy Beaches" Finally, Bill Dossey finishes up the show with "Across the Gulf".

Tune in next week!