Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour February 22, 2013

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It's Time To Cool Down With Some Buffet




  1. Maragaritaville/ Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet
  2. Barstool Boogie (feat. Jimmy Buffet)/ Zac Brown Band
  3. Knee Deep (feat. Jimmy Buffet)/ Alan Jackson
  4. What I Like About Texas/ Walon, Gary P Nunn
  5. It's Five O' Clock Somewhere
  6. Blame it on the Buffett/ Kelly McGuire
  7. Tin Cup Chalice (Live)/ Jimmy Buffet
  8. Livin' On Key West Time/ Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24
  9. Beaches are Empty/ Gary Seiler
  10. Parrothead for the Day/ Cedar Island Band
  11. Live Like Jimmy Buffet/ Donny Brewer
  12. Southern Cross/ Eric Stone

He's back! This week it's all about cooling  down on the  beach with some Jimmy Buffet. Enjoy these  great duet  tracks, kick back and let it take you down Memory Lane.

We start of this hour with Margaritaville by Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet. Sounds pretty good right?

Jimmy Buffet features in two songs next song up,  Barstool Boogie by Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks,  followed with "Knee Deep" by Zac Brown Band.

Waylon/ Gary P Nunn shows up with a classic- "What I Like About Texas". This was also the album name in 1997 called "What I Like About Texas: Greatest Hits"

"Its Five O Clock Somewhere" with Alan Jackson hits it up next. This song won the "2003 Single Of the Year".

Buffet takes the blame with Kelly McGuire's "Blame It On Buffet". Afterwards, Jimmy Buffet himself takes the spotlight with "Tin Cup Chalice (Live)".

"Living on Key West Time" by Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24 make a strong comeback, followed by "Beaches are Empty" With Gary Seiler, West Coast's longest running Jimmy Buffett Tribute entertainer.

"Parrothead for the Day" by Cedar Island Band comes up next for a taste of the exotic. "Live Like Jimmy Buffet" brings us close to the end with Donny Brewer. And finally, "Southern Cross" by Eric Stone wraps it all together.


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