Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour November 28th Playlist

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This week on The Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour, we have some of your favorite Gulf Coast hits - and some new ones too!



We have the pleasure of featuring the following songs this week:

  1. Waiting for Jimmy / Rob Mehl
  2. Long Way to Mexico / Roger Creager
  3. Tropical Diversion / Dennis Davis
  4. Come Down to Paradise / Key West
  5. Flip-Flops Required / Gary Seiler
  6. Soul of a Sailor / Kenny Chesney
  7. Gulf Stream Night / John Hall
  8. Changes In Latitudes / Jimmy Buffett
  9. I Need a Beach / Joe Bennett
  10. No Gas, No Motor, No Problem / Gene Mitchell
  11. Pineapple Jam / Captain Quint
  12. Seasick Again / Brent Burns



We're starting off tonight's show with a Rob Mehl song from an album with a spectacular name: Neat, with a Twist! The song's called "Waiting for Jimmy", and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Even in Texas, it's always a "Long Way to Mexico" - just like Roger Creager says!

How could we ever pass up something called "Tropical Diversion" on our show?  Especially something from Dennis Davis?  We can't, but we expect if you're listening in you couldn't either!



Here is a great Key West tune called "Come Down to Paradise".  Why, we don't mind if we do exactly that...

We've played "Flip-Flops Required" quite a few times and you can expect us to play it quite a few times more!  Our thanks to Gary Seiler for coming up with it, by the way.

You know its going to be a good song when Kenny Chesney gets involved!  Kick back and enjoy his "Soul of a Sailor", because you know we will!



We have a new one in the queue for our fans tonight: John Hall's "Gulf Stream Night" from his excellent Rock Me on the Water CD.

The King of Trop Rock will be gracing our show tonight with his "Changes In Latitudes".  Enjoy!

Joe Bennett's "I Need a Beach" would be a great alternative title for our show, wouldn't it?



Nothing says "Gulf Coast Spirit" like a song called "No Gas, No Motor, No Problem"!  Gene Mitchell sure knows how to make 'em!

We've got another new tune in the lineup for this week: "Pineapple Jam" from Captain Quint.

Closing out our show tonight is a Brent Burns song that really captures the Trop Rocker's worst nightmare: "Seasick Again".

That's our show for the week!  We hope you had as good a time as we have.  See you next week - as always, at 7 o'clock Wednesday evening on KBEC 1390!