Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour November 7th Playlist

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This week on The Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour, we take a look at two of our favorite things: coconuts and Mexico!


You know where you want to go for a good time!


Our playlist for the week is:

  1. Coconuts / Larry Joe Taylor
  2. Painting Coconuts in Paradise / Thom Shepherd
  3. By the Coconuts / Sunny Jim
  4. Guitars and Tiki Bars / Kenny Chesney
  5. Tropical Vacation / Kelly McGuire
  6. Somewhere Between Texas and Mexico / Pat Green
  7. Mexico / Jimmy Buffett
  8. Maybe Mexico / Jerry Jeff Walker
  9. Think I'll Go to Mexico / Gary P. Nunn
  10. Mexico (Things Never Change When You're There) / Gary Seiler
  11. Mexico Moonlight / Mark Mulligan
  12. Maybe in Mexico / Tommy Alverson
  13. Sliding Down to Mexico / Joe Bennett



We're nuts for "Coconuts"!  Larry Joe Taylor gave us this one on his First Row, Third Coast CD.

Here's Thom Shepherd's "Painting Coconuts in Paradise" for your listening pleasure.  Go check out his Tropicalifragilisticexpialidocious album for more!

James "Sunny Jim" White knocks it out of the park again with his "By the Coconuts".  This song is from one of our favorite CDs of his: KISS.



A bonus track from Lucky Old Sun, Kenny Chesney's "Guitars and Tiki Bars" is definitely a favorite of ours!

Kelly McGuire, the King of Redfish Island, brings you a "Tropical Vacation" on his award winning Boat in Belize.

"Somewhere Between Texas and Mexico" is where we want to go!  This great Pat Green tune can be found on the Lucky Ones album.



Jimmy Buffett's "Mexico" moves us into the second part of tonight's show.  This great song is from his Barometer Soup CD!

Here's a Jerry Jeff Walker tune we haven't had a chance to play yet: "Maybe Mexico".  Go check out his great Mr. Bojangles record if you like this one!

Next we'll have the chance to get into a fantastic Gary P. Nunn song: "Think I'll Go to Mexico".



We have another new song this week: Gary Seiler's "Mexico (Things Never Change When You're There)".  Look out for his Living On Dreams album for more great songs like this one!

Mark Mulligan's "Mexico Moonlight" from his Journey Around the Sun fits our theme tonight perfectly!

"Maybe in Mexico" comes from the great Tommy Alverson!

We'll be sending everyone off with a Joe Bennett tune our fans have no doubt heard a time or two - "Sliding Down to Mexico".

That's the show for the week!  As always, join us at 7 PM on Wednesdays for the best in Trop Rock and Gulf Coast Music - only on KBEC 1390!