Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour September 5th Playlist

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It's time for another wonderful Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour!

The Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour is on every Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock!


This week's playlist is:

  1. Life on the Gulf / Jake and the Half-Conched Band
  2. Pontoon / Little Big Town
  3. Laid Back and Key Wasted / Jim Morris
  4. Somewhere South of Somewhere / Eric Stone
  5. Tropical Girl / Hanna's Reef
  6. There Ain't No Kokomo / The Island Fever Band
  7. I've Got a Beach in My Backyard / Brent Burns
  8. What Were We Thinkin, What Were We Drinkin'
  9. Ocean Waves / Jimmy Parrish & the Ocean Waves Band
  10. Changes in Latitudes / Jimmy Buffet
  11. King of the Island / Kelly McGuire
  12. Down in Belize / Jerry Jeff Walker



We will be opening this week's show with the title track of Jake and the Half Conched Band's debut album, Life on the Gulf!

Another title track that we will be playing this evening comes from Little Big Town's latest album, Pontoon.

We'll be throwing in another title track song - this time it's Jim Morris and his "Laid Back and Key Wasted".



From his Long Boards and Short Stories album comes Eric Stone's "Somewhere South of Somewhere"!

Jerry Diaz & Hanna's Reef bring us "Tropical Girl" on their excellent Deja View album!

Here's a song from the Island Fever Band we haven't had a chance to play yet: "There Ain't No Kokomo" from their Sweet Pontchartrain CD!



Our fourth title track song for the evening comes from Brent Burns.  It's off of his I've Got a Beach in My Backyard album.

Here is something interesting: Jimmy and the Parrots and "What Were We Thinkin', What Were We Drinkin'"!

From their Let's Go Fishin' album, "Ocean Waves" is brought to you by Jimmy Parish & the Ocean Waves Band!



A great tune, Jimmy Buffett's "Changes in Latitudes" can be found on his Songs You Know By Heart album.

Yet another title track!  This time it is Kelly McGuire's King of the Island.

Wrapping things up for us this week is Jerry Jeff Walker and "Down in Belize".  This great tune is on his 2009 Moon Child album.

That's it for The Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour!  See you next week - same time, same place!