Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour August 22nd

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It's time for another trip to the beach! Join us for some Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour.


There's nothing like a warm summer night on the beach!


This week's playlist is:


  1. A Night on the Beach / Scott Kirby
  2. Full Moon in Texas / Kelly McGuire
  3. Don't It Make You Wander / Mark Mulligan
  4. Nautical Man / Kelly McGuire
  5. Senoritas & Margaritas / Johnny Russler & The...
  6. Key West Habit / Loren Davidson
  7. Coastal / Kenny Chesney
  8. Where the Boat Leaves From / Zac Brown Band
  9. Songs You Know By Heart / PHINS
  10. A Pirate Looks at Forty / Jimmy Buffett
  11. Livin' the Life (Jimmy Buffett Only Wrote About) / Brent Burns
  12. If Jimmy Buffet Ran the World / Leo Dean
  13. Paradise, Quickly / John Frinzi



From the album of the same name, "A Night on the Beach" is one of our favorite Scott Kirby songs!  We hope you like it as much as we do.

Here's a Kelly McGuire song we haven't had a chance to feature yet: "Full Moon in Texas".  You can find it on his Club Blonde CD!

"Don't It Make You Wander", from the Journey Around the Sun album, is a great Mark Mulligan song you may have heard on our show in the past.



We like Kelly McGuire so much we thought we'd have two songs by him in tonight's show!  Here is "Nautical Man" from the King of the Island album.

"Senoritas & Margaritas" by Johnny Russler and the Beach Bum Band is a wonderful tune that is on their Amigos Out at Sea CD.

Loren Davidson's Tropical Troubadours is where you can find "Key West Habit".



Hemingway's Whiskey, from Kenny Chesney, is the home of "Coastal".

Back by popular demand is the Zac Brown Band song "Where the Boat Leaves From".

"Songs You Know By Heart" is a great PHINS song that is on their Fools, Drunks, and Children CD.

Here's a song we need no excuse to play: "A Pirate Looks at Forty"!  From the Songs You Know By Heart album, this one is a Jimmy Buffett classic!



As our listeners no doubt know by now, Brent Burns is one of our favorite artists - and "Livin' the Life (Jimmy Buffett Only Wrote About)" is one of our favorite songs!

Leo Dean gave us "If Jimmy Buffett Ran the World" on his excellent I Got It Made CD.

Wrapping up the show for this week is "Paradise, Quickly" from John Frinzi.  Join us every Wednesday night at 7 PM for the best in Trop Rock and Gulf Coast Music - only on KBEC 1390!