Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour March 20th Playlist

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This week, we've got some old favorites and some new faces on the Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour!

Our playlist for March 20th is:

  1. Blame It on Buffett / Kelly McGuire
  2. Mary Jane Goes to Key West / Jim Morris
  3. Life Laid Back / Rob Mehl
  4. Songs You Know By Heart / PHINS
  5. Where the Boat Leaves From / Zac Brown and Jimmy Buffett
  6. Nowhere But Texas / Steve Helms Band
  7. Just Came Down for the Weekend / Mark Mulligan
  8. Callin' In Gone / The Boat Drunks
  9. Parrothead Rendezvous / Brent Burns
  10. Something to Beach About / Dennis Davis
  11. Road Trip / Larry Joe Taylor
  12. Long Way to Mexico / Roger Creager
  13. What Happens in Key West / The Tapwater Conchs

We're starting off this week's show with one of those 'old favorites' we mentioned: Kelly McGuire and "Blame It On Buffett"!

"Mary Jane Goes to Key West" is a Jim Morris song we've recently come across that we knew had to go on the show.  It comes from his 2005 Pretend You're In Tahiti CD.

Rob Mehl is a West Coast Trop Rocker who grew up on a diet of surfing and sunscreen.  "Life Laid Back" can be found on the 2004 Just Give Me the Keys album.

We really do love the Zac Brown Band and we really do love "Where the Boat Leaves From".  You can find this track on the 2008 The Foundation album.

All the way from Cleburne, TX, is the Steve Helms Band!  Every Gulf Coast Cowboy needs some dancing music - so here you go!

"Just Came Down for the Weekend" is from the Mark Mulligan hit Trop Rock album A Bar Down in Mexico.

Trop Rockers can come from anywhere there is a coast line - the Boat Drunks, from Illinois, prove it!  This song is from their Wahine Man album.

"Parrothead Rendezvous" is our Brent Burns song for the week, coming from one of our favorite CDs: Margarita Smile.

From the Tropic of Texas album comes this Dennis Davis tune.  Davis is a Michigan native who believes that "life's too short to not live it as a Texan".

Don't forget that Larry Joe Taylor's Texas Music Festival is coming up in mid-April!  Check his website for more information.

We only need the flimsiest of excuses to play this title track of Roger Creager's 2003 album.

Wrapping up the show this week is "What Happens in Key West" from the Tapwater Conchs.  For those of you still on Spring Break, go out and have a blast.  For the rest of us, take it easy and we'll see you next week - same time, same place!