Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour February 1st Playlist

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This week's show is dedicated to the original concept of the Gulf Coast Cowboys.

Our playlist for this week is:

  1. Gypsies in the Palace / Jimmy Buffett
  2. Miserable Afternoon / Mark Mulligan
  3. Hot Sand, Pina Coladas, and Carribean Beer / Seth Turner Band
  4. Nowhere But Texas / Steve Helms Band
  5. Pier Pressure / Thom Shepherd with Roger Creager and Jason Allen
  6. Party 'Til My Ship Comes In / Rick Steffen
  7. I Can't Spell Caribbean / Living Soul and the Pearl Divers
  8. I Will Play for Gumbo / Jimmy Buffett
  9. (Take Me) Back to the Islands / Hugo Duarte and the Full Sail Band
  10. Bait Shop Beauty / Alternate Route
  11. Key West Holiday / Craver
  12. Cabo San Lucas / Toby Keith

Originally coined on Duvall Street in Key West as “escapism” music, today it has been relabeled "Trop Rock", "Sand Country", or any other number of titles. The simple truth is that this music is meant to take your mind away from the daily grind.  Sit back, relax, and focus on nothings, turn off the cell phone, shut off the TV, close down the e-mails, burn away the stress, and enjoy the moment.

"Gypsies in the Palace" is from the Jimmy Buffett Live in Las Vegas CD.  It was recorded in 2003 at the MGM Grande Garden Arena.

One of our "go-to" artists on the Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour, Mark Mulligan is always coming out with something great to listen to.  Mark's Greetings from Mulligan's Island CD, where "Miserable Afternoon" finds its home, is a must add to your collection.  His website is one of the best places to waste some time on the net, too!

Seth Turner is a true cowboy if there ever was such a breed.  His ballads are compared to Dwight Yoakam and Garth Brooks.  This quote from his album review says a lot about Seth:

"My musical influences come from a variety of artists ranging from Merle Haggard and Lefty Frizzel to Dwight Yoakam and David Ball to George Strait and Chris LeDoux. I was also raised on Classic Rock and Roll: Bob Seger, the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and CCR to name a few. To be honest, I'm not sure what really comes with all of those influences, but I'd sure love for someone to tell me!"

The Cleburne, Texas, based Steve Helms Band caught our ear with "Nowhere But Texas".  Now it seems that it is the go-to song for the UT Longhorns, Texas Rangers, Ft. Worth Cats, and just about every other Texas spots team for getting the fans off their chairs and dancing in the aisles...  So why can't the Gulf Coast Cowboys dance to it in the sands of Padre Island?

Put three of our favorite artists together in a song, make it about living on the water, and see how long it takes us to put it on the air!  You can't drink a Corona that fast!  With Roger Creager and Jason Allen as guests, this song can be found on Thom Shepherd's album Tropicalfragilistic... (We give up on spelling it right, just check it out on his website).  You can also find more information on Thom's label, Twang Thang!

"Party 'Til My Ship Comes In" can be found on the More Palm Trees CD.  You can look up Rick Steffen's whole discography on his website here!

22 years of playing Trop Rock in Michigan should get you some kind of award!  Living Soul has done it all - and when Greg "Fingers" Taylor joined the band in 2000, the revolution took off.  From the early days of Don and Suzi to the current days of being one of the top Trop Rock bands, these guys have created a legend.  Look up the I Can't Spell Caribbean CD, which is from where we pulled this track.

Another great Buffett tune, "I Will Play for Gumbo" was released on the Beach House on the Moon CD in 1999.

His website is titled "the Hillbilly Beach".  Should there be any question after that why we've got Hugo Duarte and his Full Sail Band on the show?  Visit here and read for yourself why we love this guy!

Although this trio of Texas musicians are better known as Steve Thrower, David Roork, and Stan Davidson to their family and friends, to us music nuts they are known as Alternate Route and can bring the party to a new height with their country, bluesy ballads and memorable lyrics.  Check them out here!

An Atlanta based singer-songwriter who came to our attention after wandering a day on Itunes trying to find something unique, something Gulf Coast sounding, something upbeat, and something totally irrelevant, we found Craver and his "Key West Holiday".  Enjoy!

For those who say we never play the country legends, "Cabo San Lucas' may never have charted, but this Toby Keith song sure fits the Gulf Coast theme!