Biography: Thom Shepherd

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If you've listened to country or gulf coast music in the last ten years, you've probably heard a song or two written by Thom Shepherd.



It's not uncommon for some of the biggest hits in the music business to be written by someone other than the person who performs them.  This has been true since the early days of the industry when phonographs and Tin Pan Alley were all the rage.  Having written chart-topping songs for artists like Kevin Fowler and Pat Green, Thom Shepherd is keeping this tradition alive and well.



Growing up around St. Louis, MO, Shepherd was a water bug and spent his summers on the Mississippi River.  When he and his family later moved to Stephens City, VA, he made time to go down to the Potomac River and Lake Anna.  He ended up graduating from George Mason University and in 1993 made his way to Nashville, a place he still spends a lot of his time today.  Eight years passed, but in 2001 he and veteran song writer Wood Newton wrote "Riding with Private Malone", performed by David Ball, which shot up to the #2 US Billboard Country Chart spot and #36 on the Billboard Hot 100.  With the success of this song, Shepherd was sought out by both up-and-coming performers and old, established acts alike.



Around the time "Riding with Private Malone" was making waves, Shepherd was introduced to Steve Williams, another prominent song writer with roots in the St. Louis area.  In 2003, the boys started writing a song about rednecks and boats and before they knew it they had penned "Redneck Yacht Club".  The song was recorded by Craig Morgan in 2005 and peaked at #2 on the US Country charts.  The song was so successful that it was hailed as the "Summer Anthem of 2005".  With two blockbuster songs under his belt, Shepherd had made it - but there was more yet to come!



The last few years have seen success after success for Shepherd.  In 2008, he wrote "Cheaper to Keep Her" for Kevin Fowler, which peaked at #3 on the Texas Music Chart.  2009 brought him another hit with the title track of the Grammy-nominated Tracy Lawrence album The Rock.  In 2010, he wrote another Fowler hit, "Beer Season", which peaked at #1 on the TMC for over 3 weeks.  Josh Abbot and Pat Green performed his song "My Texas" in 2011, another #1 hit.  Furthermore, he's become a big name in the Trop Rock and Gulf Music scene with his Tropicalifragilisticexpialidocious album, which features Roger Creager and Jason Allen!



Shepherd has kept his personal life under wraps for the most part, but he has let it be known that he is a divorced father of two and a two-time cancer survivor.  He currently lives in Boerne, TX, when he is not in Nashville or on the road as a performer.  He is the co-owner of the Bourbon Street Music Company and co-president of



(1998) The Early Years

(2000) Could Be Worse

(2003) Country Squire

(2005) Tonkyhonk

(2006) Side Effects

(2006) Live at XM

(2008) Turning Point

(2010) Uncharted Territory

(2011) Tropicalifragilisticexpialidocious

(2011) Texas Girls

(2012) Live in Key West