Biography: Roger Creager

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Roger Creager is famous for his high-energy and wild performances - not to mention his high-energy and wild lifestyle!



From one of our favorite towns in Texas, Corpus Christi, Creager grew up playing music.  Born in 1971, he was playing piano by second grade and guitar by high school.  Ironically, the musician who is now heard by millions of fans across the country was too shy to sing in front of others, although he would belt it out at full volume when he thought no one was listening.  He also experimented with songwriting, but refused to share his efforts with others.



Even with his love of music and his talent that was obvious to everyone-but-him, Creager didn't see himself as a career musician.  After high school, he went to Sam Houston State and earned a degree in business.  He then went on to earn another degree in agriculture from Texas A&M in College Station and found himself right in the middle of the then-new Texas Music Revolution of the late 90's.  Being around so many talented musicians brought him out of his shell some and at the age of 26 he finally started performing for audiences.  Even with this milestone, with two degrees he went for the steady paycheck and went to Houston to work as an accountant.



The 9-to-5 life was not what Creager really wanted as he soon found out.  He toughed it out in Corporate America for several years, but the the stage called to him like a siren's song.  Taking a chance, and a huge pay cut, he moved back to College Station and began performing full time.  He formed his first band with a fellow named Jason Pollard and they played covers of their favorite songs.  Unfortunately, Pollard left to play drums for Pat Green which left Creager in a tough situation.

While he could have gone back to being an accountant, Creager put together a new band with him as the front man and started playing his own material.  Using the knowledge he had gained in the business world, he founded his own publishing company, No Cable Music, and began promoting his CDs across the state.  First was his 1998 album Having Fun All Wrong and second was his 2000 album I Got the Guns.  His hard work payed off and in 2001 he was named "Entertainer of the Year" at the Texas Music Awards.  He re-released both of his albums under the Dualtone Records label to great sucess: the track "Everclear" from Having Fun All Wrong became a Texas Country Music anthem and I Got the Guns debuted at #1 on the Lone Star Music Charts.



Creager released his next album in 2003, Long Way to Mexico, which peaked at #63 on the US Country charts.  His next album, Live Across Texas, was released in 2004 and peaked at #70.  It would be a few years before the next album was released, but during that time he started living the life he wanted to live - he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, started attending music festivals in Italy and France, and learned how to scuba dive, spear-fish, pilot airplanes, and surf.  By this time, his cult following had really began to take off.  He and his band visit Playa del Carmen in Mexico every summer and make sure to invite all of their fans.



The next album would be released in 2008.  Titled Here It Is, it would make the #39 spot on the US Country charts and #7 on the US Heat charts.  Creager's latest album, Surrender, came out in January 2012 and went "back-to-the-basics".  You can visit Creager's official website here.



(1998) Having Fun All Wrong

(2000) I Got the Guns

(2003) Long Way to Mexico - #63

(2004) Live Across Texas - #70

(2008) Here It Is - #39

(2012) Surrender - #39


Songs on KBEC 1390:

"Long Way to Mexico"