Biography: Jason Boland

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It takes a certain amount of grit to be the front man of Jason Boland and the Stragglers - and grit is something Jason Boland is definitely not lacking.



From the town of Harrah, Oklahoma, Boland grew up a country boy.  As a young man, he ended up at Oklahoma State University where he joined the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and met Brad Rice, who would become the drummer for the Stragglers.  During this time he also ended up living with other Red Dirt artists Stoney LaRue and Cody Canada of Cross Canadian Ragweed in the infamous "Yellow House", where the music was loud and the parties were louder.  It wasn't long before Boland had his own band and began touring around the area at local bars and honky-tonks.  They released their first album, Pearl Snaps, in 1999.



Boland and the boys continued touring and in 2001 they produced another album, Truckstop Diaries.  By this time, Boland's frat-boy binge drinking had devolved into full-on alcoholism.  The band continued to tour in and around Oklahoma with another album, Somewhere in the Middle, coming out in 2004.  The album was a great success for the group, breaking into the US Country Charts and peaking at #65.  Unfortunately, the excessive drinking began to catch up to Boland and in 2005 he was admitted to the Sierra Tuscon Rehabilitation Center.  After a grueling 28-day rehab process, he was back on the road - and sober!  The experience changed Boland and made him reexamine what he was really doing as a musician.  He and the Stragglers released another album the following year, The Bourbon Legend, which peaked at #67.



The band continued to roll along, but another hurdle almost derailed the entire experience.  While releasing their 2008 album, Comal Country Blue, Boland ruptured a polyp on his vocal chords and faced the reality that there was a very good chance he would lose his singing voice permanently.  With a lot of work towards recuperating and a lot of luck, Boland eventually found his voice again - along with a new found resolve to "say something worth saying" in his music.  By the way, Comal Country Blue was a smashing success for the band and peaked at #30.



In 2011, Jason Boland and the Stragglers released their latest album, Rancho Alto, which has been their most successful album yet.  It climbed to #26 on the US Country Charts.  Meanwhile, check out the official webpage here!



(1999) Pearl Snaps

(2001) Truckstop Diaries

(2002) Live and Lit at Billy Bob's Texas

(2004) Somewhere in the Middle - #65

(2006) The Bourbon Legend - #67

(2008) Comal County Blue - #30

(2010) High in the Rockies: A Live Album - #27

(2011) Rancho Alto - #26


Songs on KBEC 1390:

"Falling With Style"

"Mexico or Crazy"

"Pearl Snaps"

"Proud Souls"

"Shot Full of Holes"